Thursday, 22 December 2016

A Child-Free Afternoon.

Today, we trekked up to London for a Christmas Toddler Party. I thought I had to stay with Elliot the whole time, so when we turned up and all the other parents waved goodbye at the door and ran for the hills I was a bit surprised. I had a child-free afternoon thrust upon me. I hadn't even brought my book with me, I was a bit lost.

Well, I wasted it.

I wandered around trying to find something to do. I walked around and around, witnessed a fight between two blokes with broomsticks, got the tube just to have somewhere to sit down and generally missed pushing a pushchair around. I panicked and bought a place mat that looks like a monster truck for £3, it was a very strange time.

I treated myself to a couple of go's up an escalator, instead of in the lift. And I wandered around a bit more, before sitting outside a coffee shop for a really disappointing salted caramel latte. It was genuinely crap, I'm really sad I didn't just deal with the Starbucks queue. The most exciting thing I did was to go to Liberty and laugh at a jug that looked like a melon and a child's dress that cost £48.

I had a child-free afternoon, three days before Christmas, and the only things I bought were ridiculously expensive Blaze and the Monster Machines merchandise from the Nickolodeon shop and a shitty coffee.

from a definitely not child-free afternoon. Better coffee though.

I just generally missed Elliot being there. Watch me eat those words tomorrow when he's swinging from the lampshades and screaming about how this is going to be the "BEST CHRISTMAS EVER" but I genuinely did miss having my tiny best friend wheeling around with me, trying to eat my shadow and forcing me to do my dragon impression embarassingly loud in public.

Next time, remind me to take my book so I don't get all soppy like this. It's late, it's Christmas, I'm all emotional. And my legs really hurt (I really did walk around quite a lot. Goodnight.)

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